So it's Marisa and Olivia this time!!! It's a Monday evening and we had a fun day at robotics. We ended up helping Serenity film for the Knightly News and write out some questions to ask some members of our team based on the safety manual. We had a lot of fun messing around on camera, so I know we will have lots of bloopers for the next Knightly News episode. We ended up having  a few "interruptions" which were more like people running in front of the camera and making silly faces in the background. But whenever we go to interview then they seem really camera shy! Weird huh... anyways, it's a Monday night so we are all ready to start another great week with our team! Matthew's family brought in some Valentine's Day treats so everyone is munching on candy today, which is pretty awesome! It's a great way to end a Monday, filming and having fun! Until next time!