• The world's first wearable drug-infusion pump
  • A home-dialysis machine that scaled down existing devices from the size of a washing machine to something no bigger than a shoebox
  • Segway
  • iBot Transporter  a self-balancing, six-wheeled robotic wheelchair capable of going up and down stairs, navigating difficult terrain and “standing” to raise its user to eye level with other people
  • The Stirling an electrical generator based on a 19th-century idea — an unusually efficient kind of engine targeted for the developing world:  “With the Stirling, we've built the world's neatest little high reliability package that will turn any form of waste into power,” says Mr. Kamen.  
  • The Slingshot — a rugged device that can turn 1,000 litres a day of contaminated groundwater, polluted river water or seawater into drinking water

Dean Kamen is an inventor, entrepreneur, and tireless advocate  for science and technology. His passion and determination to help young people discover the excitement and rewards of science and technology are the cornerstones of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).


"People take the longest possible paths, digress to numerous dead ends, and make all kinds of mistakes. Then historians come along and write summaries of this messy, nonlinear process and make it appear like a simple, straight line."    -- Dean Kamen

Innovation is so hard and so frustrating; it takes the intersection of people with courage, vision, and resources.
— Dean Kamen