So, I'm happy to report I have been returned to my rightful place atop the fridge in the team's shop. I had an awesome time with Nolan's family and Coach Ben gave me a ride back earlier this week. I was on my perch when the team began discussing recruiting for next season...seems that's always been a tough area and it turns out, many of the students reported, that our name makes us a bit of a mockery. I guess even mentors have run into those who take issue with the term PoHo. Who'd have thought that a little term that just so happens to rhyme with RoBo would cause such grief. So, there was a whole lot of brainstorming regarding new names going on. I gather decisions must be made quickly as marketing will have a whole lot of work to do re-branding the team before recruiting starts in May. If you have an idea that rocks, you should send it to Be clever (and appropriate), please!!!