So today was a crazy day at robotics as I ended up coming an hour early to work our bake sale. It was super icy out and I almost fell walking in! The bake sale looked amazing, everything was so neat and organized, it was fun. I love to be part of the fundraising part of robotics, it reminds me of being a Girl Scout again. After I finished my shift, which seemed to end way too early, I worked with Coach Keith on the Knightly News. We ended up finishing the third episode with a whole blooper reel of Serenity, which was perfect! It turned out pretty good to me, I like working on the Knightly News. It's something that I feel in charge of, and I love learning about technology, even if I kind of stink at it. For lunch, Coach Ann started knocking on the window and scared us all because I thought it was a stranger at first! While we all were working in the marketing room, build came in and basically said, "We are about to do something awesome, get a camera" so everybody jumped up to see what happened. They can lift 120 pounds with a strap and a small motor, for hanging our robot. That's a lot of weight!!! I ended up getting a really good video of it, which I'm gonna upload to our channel soon, so keep an eye out! I guess it was just another normal day with Team 3667! Come to the next bake sale February 4th! Kara is going to make cake pops I hear, I love cake pops... I want a cake pop now haha! More fun things ahead!