Check out Team 3667's Bag and Tag 2016! We were lucky to have Mr. and Mrs. Campbell with us as Mr. Campbell graciously accepted our offer to be this year's celebrity "tagger." Student team members were delighted for the opportunity to show off our bot as they tested it's ability to breach the defenses. They also shared with the Campbells all of their to-date build season accomplishments. Thanks to Mrs. Campbell for the awesome brownies for our bag-and-tag celebration.

In other bag-and-tag highlights, we also had a visit from FLL Team 22102, The Mecanum Royal Pages, who visited with Coach Trinket Easter and their parents. A few of them even were able to try their hand at driving the big bot.  Bag-and-Tag 2016 was an outstanding event! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so!

2016 Bag and Tag!