Finally, tonight Programming, and Electrical have gotten this  year's robot up and running! Though we're still a little ways away from being competition ready, it's progress!

Today in Electrical, Ava and Kadeem were hard at work [with , of course the supervision of coach Ben] soldering together all the wires we need.

In CAD Garret is still busy making that slide switch.

In Programming, Conner's contributions played a big role in getting the new robot driving!

In Build, Riese was busy working on her pulley mechanism, while Nolan, Alex B. and Alex D. were working on the superstructure for the lift mechanism.

Last — but certainly not least — Kara, Team 3667's Safety Captain was busy updating the her safety Key for her Safety Notebook.  

Programming and CAD are giving up their free Friday to do some critical work...those of us with the night off will be preparing of our first official rules quiz. Ugghhh.