Tonight was one of our busiest nights yet! Everyone had something to do and lots more! In safety, Kara simply said, " I'm updating the MSDS to the new form of SDS for the upcoming season and working to get CPR certified."

In CAD, everyone was silent while they were examining pictures of the parts that were going to be used for the chassis of the robot. [Mainly wheels.] Seth said that he and Carson were "learning to use CAD." While Coach Scott said that they were designing the chassis that was going to be used on the actual robot.

In programing, they were  assembling a platform for the pneumatics.

Electrical was powering up the programing and control system and wiring it all together.

And finally, in build, coach Rob said they are "Working on the pickup and the support for the pickup." One of the funniest quotes I got from the build team was from Garret. He said that he was "Prototyping and stressing."