Berry here....last night's blog attempt was a big "fail." There was so much going on in here, I berryly could keep up (come on, it's funny, "berryly!!!", I crack myself up!) and by the time the team finished its work, my perch atop the refrigerator was just too warm and cozy and I was off to dreamland. I haven't been out of the shop in a while, but rumor has it, it's pretty cold's a little chilly in here, but not so much that I'm worrying about turning into freezer jam. Besides, I can always count on a mentor or two to blow some hot air around.

Anyway, like I said, it was busy in here. We had a couple of visitors from the Blue Water Young Professionals tour our digs here on Harrison St. (Mrs. A's always lookin' for ways to help us spread the word about FIRST), and the marketing team was working away at some kind of video while weaving key chains and fussing about fundraising. Mentor Mark was busy fine-tuning details of the climbing mechanism — and while my view of the shop is obstructed — I can count on my buddy Robert to keep me updated about what's happening in there. According to Robert, there was a small need to take the chassis apart to correct something....but supposedly, it's close to being wired and driveable....that would be a first for Team 3667...a driveable robot in week three!!! That's berry cool!!