Welcome, teachers, to the Mecanum Knight's page designed just for you. We sincerely hope you and your students will follow the team as it progresses through the season. More important, we hope following the team will increase student interest not just in robotics, but all things STEM-related, too!


    On this page, you will find transition time coloring pages, links to universities offering free curriculum and lesson plans, and STEM activities for the classroom. On our website, there are a variety of things for you and your students to explore:  "Ask a Knight," the forum through which you and your students can send ideas, ask questions about things the team is working on, etc.;  the video page, which is a resource of all kinds of robots-in-use footage; The Knighly News a once-per-week video update of our build and competition season, which you will find under news and information and "How-to Videos" for a variety of skills located under Team Resources.

In addition to the the things offered above, the team is available for classroom/school visits during the off-season. To arrange a visit, send an email to Annie Austin, aaustin@phasd.us.

Lesson Plans

Pipe-cleaner tower activity: http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/theengineeringplace/media/pdf/pipecleanertowers.pdf

Cookie Mining: http://teachers.egfi-k12.org/cookie-mining/


Family Engineering: www.familyengineering.org

Curriculum Resources:

Texas Tech (Great icebreaker and robitics introductory materials and more)

University of Southern California (curricular resources and more):

Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy (curricular resources):

Teaching Robots (a collaborative site for science and technology educators):

Fun with robotics:



Engineering in Education: http://www.egfi-k12.org

Engineering is Elementary: www.mos.org/eie

Engineering Girl: www.engineergirl.org

Coloring Pages

Knight's Shield

Single Knight's Helmet

5 Knight Helmets

Mecanum Wheels

A Knight