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Key Points

  • You need a Google Account to use Google Drive. If you already have an account you use to login to Google services (Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, Picasa, etc), you can use it to login to your Google Drive. If not, you need to create a Google Account.
Most links to create a new Google Account will require it to be an address. However, there is a way to use any email address you want - preferably the one that you are using for Team 3667 communication. Simply go to, click the red Sign Up button in the top, right-hand corner, then click the I prefer to use my current email address link under the Choose your username field.
  • Your Google Drive is accessible anywhere you can surf the web, without installing any software on your device (PC, tablet, phone, etc.), by simply surfing to It's also accessible from Android and iOS by installing the Google Drive app.
  • You can “share” folders in your Google Drive with other people, and vice versa. They show up under the “Shared with me” folder. You can optionally have the “Shared with me” folders show up in your Google Drive – highly recommended for Team 3667 stuff, instructions below.
  • If you install the Google Drive application on your PC (by clicking the “Download Google Drive for PC” button), the application will create a copy of your Google Drive folders on the PC and keep them in sync with what’s in your Google Drive – any time you (or anyone else) change(s) a file in your Drive, the changes are automatically propagated to all devices onto which the Google Drive application has been installed. On Windows, the local, synchronized copy of the Google Drive appears under your user account, just like My Documents, My Pictures, etc. I don’t know how/if it works on Mac, tablets, phones, etc.

Recommendations for Team 3667-related Stuff

  • After doing the above to get signed into Google Drive, create a “Team 3667” folder in your Google Drive – it will show up as “My Drive/Team 3667”.
  • Send an email from the address associated with your Google Account to the Coach telling them you are setup with Google Drive
  • You will get a notification for each Team 3667 Google Drive folder that is “shared” with you and it will show up under your “Shared with me” folder.
  • Open the “Shared with me” folder and drag the shared folder into the “My Drive/Team 3667” folder. This will cause the Team 3667 folder(s) to be synchronized to any device where the Google Drive application is installed.